Craftmill's Baby & Body Casting Kits

Craftmill are specialists in casting and moulding products and we offer a range of unique life casting kits to create face castings, baby hand castings or foot castings, pregnant belly castings and much more. Whether you want to complete an art project or create a lasting memento of your pregnant belly or your new baby’s hand, our casting kits have detailed, clear instructions to help beginners and experts alike. Our team of experts is always on hand to help.

Baby and Body Casting 3-D Kits

Pregnant Belly Cast

A pregnant belly casting will enable you to remember forever how you looked during your pregnancy and the special nine months you shared with your growing baby. Demonstrated on television and a new pastime for pregnant celebrities, making a belly mask is fast becoming a trend among mums-to-be. Craftmill stocks a very easy-to-use pregnant belly cast kit. This is used to create a pregnant tummy cast, sometimes referred to as a pregnant bump cast, belly mask or belly mould

Baby Hand and Foot Casting

To celebrate the life of your new baby, we also offer a range of 3-D baby hand casting and baby foot casting kits. These baby keepsake kits are simple to use and effective at very competitive prices. The 3-D casting kit allows you to produce a wonderful finished cast of your precious little ones hands or feet. Our baby hand cast and foot cast kits come with full instructions and simple steps to complete the job and can be finished in natural plaster or wonderful shimmering metallics.

Face Casting Kit

This kit provides all you need to make an amazing replica of a human face, by producing a face cast in plaster. The kit combines Modroc plaster bandage, super-safe alginate and casting plaster plus our usual very detailed instructions to carry out the process.

General Bodycasting

Our baby hand casting kit is ideal for body casting any small body part in addition to baby hands and feet. For the more adventurous, we also stock a range of chromatic colour change moulding alginate, Modroc Plaster bandage in a vast range of widths and casting plaster from 1kg to 15kg if you wish to make larger castings or mouldings of your choice.

Baby Hand and Foot Imprint Kits

We stock baby hand imprint kits in addition to our casting ranges. These kits create a permanent baby footprint or baby handprint to keep.

Sculpey Keepsake Handprint Kits

We now stock a great new range of Sculpey print kits, which are ideal for handprints, footprints and paw prints ! The clay is self coloured in pink, blue or white and they come complete with their own frame. Bake them in the oven for a tough everlasting finish

Metallic Hand and Foot Imprint Kits

Our budget handprint kits make up to 4-5 baby hand or foot prints. Using grey or terracotta airdry clay, these kits are great for making a lasting hand imprint or foot impression. For a fashionable look, these kits come complete with a choice of metallic paints or can be left natural with a varnish only finish. The soft clay is easy to create and imprint in and water can be added to give further softness..



  • Belly casting is great fun for a partner and older children or even a good mate (and pregnant belly casting can’t be done without their help) and gets them involved in the serious business of bonding with baby before he/she arrives.
  • The optimum time to cast a pregnant bump, is 37-38 weeks, so the tummy is a great size, but you can still manage to sit still for long enough!
  • The finished pregnant belly cast can be left natural, or you purchase gorgeous gold, silver or antique copper or a huge selection of other paints to decorate wildly to your hearts desire. We stock a vast range of acrylic paints in our shop.
  • There are many amazing ways to display your pregnant tummy cast. It can be created into a wall hanging by attaching ribbons to the top and sides or perhaps illuminated from behind. If you want some inspiration, look at the images section of google and you will be astounded at the creativity of mums-to-be out there.
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